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Yesterday, the first app ever to benefit from the “kids app package”, based on our new partnership with FunEducationalApps (FEA) and SmartAppsForKids (SAFK) was published by our partners !


Reminder: in this partnership, ReviewForDev acts as a “guest” reviewer for SAFK and FEA, based onĀ  10 reviews written by ReviewForDev reviewers.If you want to see the restul, here are the links to the reviews of “Little House Decorator” from Jump Apps:

What’s the benefit for the developer?

  1. The main kids apps review sites are overwhelmed with review requests and sometimes, even for expedite reviews (i.e. developers pay to get a better publication leadtime) there might not be a guaranteed date. With this new partnership, the developer can get a guaranteed date for the publication of the reviews => this gives a wonderful opportunity to synchronize the launch of an app and concentrate the downloads on a short period of time in order to (hopefully) climb the ranks in the App Store.
  2. Since we propose the 10 reviews from ReviewForDev’s reviewers to our partners, the can limit the time they spend on review formatting and we can offer huge discounts to developers. For instance Sebastian from Jump App got a nice $64 discount as compared to the normal prices to get long-version expedite reviews on SAFK+FEA !

Already 4 more developers signed up to take advantage of this new “Kids App Package”.

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