Best educational kids apps – list of review sites

Click the picture to access the full list of review sites to find the best educational kids apps with a dynamic update of the alexa ranking


As an iOS developer I developed and marketed 2 apps in the education category. I found it hard to find an updated list of the review sites to contact in order to get a review. I had to try many keywords (“list of kid apps review sites ” or “best educational kids apps”) in order to update my own database each time . One of the best criteria to choose which websites to contact is to get an idea about their pageviews (number of pages viewed by the users each day). Since this data is not public, it’s common to use Alexa Rankings (even if Alexa result should be analysed with caution).

Some guys publish yearly this kind of list for all review sites (for instanceJohann Dowa in however they look manually for the alexa rankings and the real status can vary a lot between websites in just a few weeks. Besides, I couldn’t find a list dedicated to Educational Kids Apps review websites.

That’s why I decided to create this list of review sites to find the best educational kids apps, with dynamic daily update of the Alexa rankings and relative variations in rankings. You’ll find hereunder a picture of the head of pareto, as seen in August 2012. If you click on the picture (or this link: List of review sites to find the best educational apps for kids with dynamic Alexa rankings) then you’ll access the list automatically updated each day (the date of the last update is written just under the table).

If this page gets enough readers (“pageviews”, lol), then I’ll consider:

  • extending it to all app review sites,
  • adding some filters for each app review sites, depending on their main focus.(Speech language, apps for kids with special needs, apps for the classroom etc.)

Please let me know if you think these improvements are worth it.  If you want to suggest a new website, just mention it in the comments. I hope my friends developers will find it useful!

37 thoughts on “Best educational kids apps – list of review sites

  1. Hi there,
    We are the German Kinderappgarten!
    One of the most biggest and most popular kids-apps review site for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.
    It would be awesome if you could add us to your list!

    very kind greetings from cologne :-)
    Anika & Kinderappgarten-team

  2. Hello Anika,

    thanks for your request, you site looks very nice !
    For the moment I’m only including websites with English language. If i get many other request similar to yours from non-english review websites, then I’ll consider adding little flags and making it international :)

  3. Just noticed today that CommonSense Media fell out of the ratings. They should be #1 – right?

  4. Yes Lesley, they are N°1: problem is that sometimes the Alexa server is a little bit slow so my script skips the related request => tomorrow, it should be back in first position.

    FYI, the websites that have been skipped are at the bottom of the chart and I display N/A for their rankings.

  5. Hi Jeoud!

    Wow, it is so neat that the list dynamically updates – great work!

  6. Hello…we are We are excited to be listed on the site. Number 47 means that we have work to do. We are striving to provide great content for educators. Our goal is to be the default location for educators discovering education apps that inspire.

  7. Not sure if my new site will qualify, as it isn’t strictly reviews, but a promotion of daily deals:

    It is moving up the charts, though. :) This is a great list and nice way to see the whole ecosystem – thanks!


  8. Just wanted to let you know that several of the review sites are linked wrong, e.g. Apps Playground, Kinder Town and iPad Family. You might want to check that :)

  9. Thanks for the work on this!

    I hate to see CommonSenseMedia removed. They are actually a good app review site, even though only apps.

    It gives the whole industry a rounder view when you see these other players too.

  10. Hi there,
    It’s a great job! We’re also the first turkish review site functioning since October,2012. We are 3 turkish families in Germany and US and serving for turkish speaking communities in the world. Our Alexa rank is 3,369,972 for now, but just for now ;-)
    It would be great if you could add us to this list as well!
    Best wishes!

  11. Bu harika! Sizinle yer de?i?tirelim mi? :-)
    ??te bu da bizim bu i?i yapma konusunda hakl? gerekçelerimiz oldu?unun bir göstergesi. Her an her yerde kar??m?za türkçe konu?an biri ç?kabilir :-)
    Thank you very much.

  12. This is a time saving gift!! My job today was to find app reviewers for educational apps and this has done heaps of the work for me. Thanks v.much.

    Catherine @littlefactoryuk

  13. Hi there!
    We have a new English kids apps review site:
    It would be amazing if you could add us to your list too. I am British, which is why the website is fully in English, but i am currently living in Germany and it would therefore, be really nice if you could give us a British flag.
    Thank you!

  14. Hi, I run the German blog which is fairly growing every day. People love the transparency: no advertising, we take no money for reviews, short, concise reviews. The only rule we follow is to only write about kids app we really can recommend.

    I started the blog while I was searching for good, trustworthy reviewers that recommend apps for my kids.

    I would love to be added to your list and get more in touch with international developers.

    Best wishes, Johanna

  15. Hi there,
    we are also a very popular kids-app review site of germany.
    We are an independant editorial and take noch money for reviews.
    So it would be very nice, if you could add us also to your list. Thanks…

    All the best from Berlin
    Anja and the mytoys-apps-team

  16. Hi,
    Tech with Kids is a large review site that used to be available only via subscription at http://www.ComputingwithKids. It is now free and has an extentive database of reviews of the best kid apps. All reviews are written by professional children’s tech experts and the editor also writes the kid-tech column at USAToday.

    We hope you will consider adding us to this list:

    Thank you.

  17. Hi, I was hoping you would consider indexing on your list. We are adding dozens of reviews monthly. Thanks.

  18. Hi,
    this is very, very useful, thanks for putting it all together and sharing publicly.

  19. Hi Jean,

    We would also like to be listed on your page, as a supplier of kids’ educational apps of nostalgic cartoons (for many households) such as Tom and Jerry. We just started developing over at so please don’t expect to be too impressed by our Alexa statistics just yet! Hope this helps a little bit :-)

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