iPhone video app review on ReviewForDev !

video iphone app review reviewfordev It just took 3 days to develop this new feature: I just decided to add a new iPhone video app review service on ReviewForDev. It’s actually an iOS video app review, but using “iPhone video app review” seems to be better optimised for SEO according to adwords, lol.
One of the targets of this new program is to answer the developer’s questions “how is my app perceived within the 5 first minutes of use, what happens, what are the user’s immediate comments ?”. These 5 first minutes are of utmost importance since they’ll condition whether the app will be used again or it will just add up to the pile of useless apps that were just opened once… Thanks to our great database of reviewers, we aim at supplying this infos from the exact target users requested by the developers.

What to expect from this iPhone video app review service?

Each of the video reviewers should supply two video reviews (5 minutes minimum each), regarding 2 different moments:

  • When they open the app for the first time (duration: 5 minutes minimum): discovering the app, first impressions and remarks. The idea is to answer the developer’s question “what does any user think about my app when she/he sees it for the first time?”.
  • Once they got used to it (duration: 5 minutes minimum): commenting in a more specific way about specific features, detailed suggestions of improvements.

The video reviewers are handpicked among the best reviewers: since 2 days, 9 reviewers accepted to be promoted “video reviewers”, and Patrick from Happi Papi is the first developer who accepted to try this service. His app Happi 123 is currently being reviewed (he made payment for it a few hours ago only), so he’ll eventually receive 10 videos.
Edit on 09.18: here is the result

After this first debugging test, we’ll optimise and improve our tutorials. We think this

iPhone video app review

service might become the main service on ReviewForDev in the future. Let’s see what happens !

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