Create your own promo codes giveaway contest : new service !

Our new service to create promo codes giveaway contests is now live !

Anyone (even if they are not registered on ReviewForDev) can create their own promo codes giveaway contests: They can decide to make it start immediately or to schedule it in the future: in this case the participants will see a countdown until the contest starts. When the contest is created the “creator” gets;

  1. One link to share with all the participants (“participants link”)
  2. One link to access the stats about the contest : referers, countries, unique visitors, pageviews etc. (“management link”)
  3. An iFrame code in order to embed a widget in their blog or website, featuring the contest (“widget code”)


The key ideas are that:

  • The quickest participants to click the button will win their promo codes immediately,
  • The organiser of the contest has nothing to do once the contest is created (except to promote it everywhere to create the buzz around it of course ^^)

Depending on the package selected when creating the contest, it will or won’t appear in our public list of contests available.


Besides, if the contest is about an app in Kids or Education category and if the developer is registered on ReviewForDev, she/he can also request it to appear in the widget displayed on Moms With Apps every Friday (for App Friday). To do so they should indicate in this table the time at which they’d like to be featured.

Here’s what the widget looks like (it displays contests only on Fridays :-) )

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