Best iPhone app review sites – The list to promote iOS apps

Click the picture to access the full list of iphone app review sites to promote ios apps (iPhone/iPad/iPod) with a dynamic update of the alexa ranking


As an iOS developer one of the best criteria to choose which of the existing iphone app review sites to contact to promote an app would be to know their monthly pageviews (number of pages viewed by the users each month). Since this data is not public, it’s common practice to use Alexa Rankings (even if Alexa results should be analysed with caution because of the methodology).

Such lists of iphone app review sites already exist a little everywhere, but they are published only once a year (for instance Johann Dowa in and since they look up manually for the alexa rankings, the real ranking can vary a lot between websites within just a few weeks.

That’s why I decided to create this list of iphone app review sites with dynamic daily update of the Alexa rankings and relative variations in rankings. You’ll find hereunder a picture of the head of pareto, as seen in November 2012. If you click on the picture (or this link: iPad and iPhone app review sites – The list to promote iOS apps with dynamic Alexa rankings) then you’ll access the list automatically updated each day (the date of the last update is written just above the table).

Here’s how I selected those iphone app review sites:

  • The should have a specific section/page dedicated to iphone app reviews or ipad app reviews that shouldn’t be hard to find from the homepage,
  • The should have a decent Alexa Ranking (for a generalist app review website it means way under 2 000 000),
  • There should be an easy/clear way for developers to submit their app for review,
  • The probability for indie developers to get their app reviewed should be significant (yes, it’s pretty subjective here !).

As long as other iphone app review sites comply with these rules, they can possibly be included in that list, whatever the language/country: please don’t hesitate to request that I add new websites by using the comments of this page. Since the blog has an anti-spam filter, don’t use the <A> symbols.

I hope my friends developers will find it useful!

54 thoughts on “Best iPhone app review sites – The list to promote iOS apps

  1. Hello, thanks for including Apps Playground on this list, it’s a great way for us to keep track of how we rank compared to other sites – and hopefully will help developers find us to submit apps.

    We’re actually based in the UK even though we have a domain name – should we have a Union Jack flag, or do you use the US flag for all English-language sites?


  2. Thanks for taking the time to make the review site list. We all appreciate it!! Could you possibly add to your list? We are looking for more review request from developers at this time.
    Thank you!

  3. A list of iPhone App Review sites in France :

  4. Hello Dylan,

    I’ve just added that seems to have regular app reviews. It’s not the case for the other ones, at least as far as I could see for the last month, so I didn’t add them.

  5. One of the best sites I have found for finding the best apps is – They take free app review requests and also have featured app advertising for only $20. Being an app developer this is some of the best advertising I have been able to find. I thought it might be worth adding to the list.

  6. I’d love for you to consider adding my site, iPad Insight. It is single focused on the iPad, offers high quality iPad app reviews including many from indie and smaller developers, and has an Alex rank of 97,196.

  7. Careot-The app that cares! Designed to track and manage your nutrition, meals and weight to improve health. Track calories, cholesterol, protein, and many vitamins and minerals. Manage the behavioral aspects of nutrition by setting goals and then track each meal to measure up against your target goals, so you can stick to a plan.
    Lose weight with Careot app – leverage the power of food tracker and nutrition journal with social media technology


  8. is a website dedicated to promoting apps that do not have a large following or are currently still in development. We review iPhone / iPad, Android, and Windows Mobile apps. You can submit an app for review here:

    We look forward to being added to your list.

    - The New App Team

  9. I’m a member of the editorial team at
    We love it when developers submit their apps to us. We fit the criteria with traffic, alexa rankings, and there is a strong chance we will review apps. The only exception is games… we do not review games at this time.


  10. Great list!

    I would appreciate it if you added to your list, as we are always looking for more apps to review.

  11. Hello,
    It looks like you have compiled a really good list to help out developers looking for a review. Could you include my App Review YouTube channel “AppFind” to the list. The channel is dedicated to App Reviews and has over 135,000+ Subscribers. The contact email for review requests is AppFind (at) gmail (dot) com


  12. Hello,

    I just launched a new app review site

    The submitted apps all go in a queue. You can keep track of your item under Upcoming Reviews and give it a boost by sharing its referral link (uplink). Every time a user clicks on the link, the score of the request will be upped by one. Frequently clicked items will thus rise to the top of the queue, and be reviewed earlier.

    Reviews are free of charge and unbiased. We are not very picky and basically review apps of all kinds, made for iPhone and Android devices, as well as web apps.

    Our team of experienced reviewers is looking forward to cover cool new web or mobile apps!

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